Dr Louise Engelbrecht

MBChB, ATLS, ACLS EP, PALS, Basic Surgical Skills Certified



The moment Dr Louise understood her cause and direction, it all fell into place.

This was the moment she realised that her passion lies with healing. This was when she realised she was born to be a Doctor to serve others in need.

Covid has truly changed many things for all of us. How it has changed us is different for everyone. She has learned that she had to go out there and heal. She had to be there for others. This is where her energy lies.

Serving others with compassion and letting them feel they can come to her with anything and that she will be there for them to serve them as human being and as a whole.

Career Summary

Dr Louise grew up in Pretoria and has been living in Gauteng and working in Gauteng her whole life.

She studied at the University of Pretoria and graduated in 2012.

She trained as an Intern Doctor in 2013 and 2014 at one of the very best practical training hospitals in the world, Tembisa Tertiary Hospital. Here she learned and performed skills that many international Doctors never even got to see. She is very proud of being trained there and often shares her stories that are absolutely intriguing. She was the Doctor Intern Representative 2013 and 2014 Group at Tembisa Tertiary Hospital where she had to take the lead in caring for the 60 Intern Doctors. She was also announced “Best Family Medicine Intern Doctor” at Tembisa Tertiary Hospital.

She was privileged to serve the rural community for her Community Service year 2015 at Mandisa Shiceka Clinic Hammanskraal. She had a special bond with the rural Community and Staff where her clinic was based, being the only Doctor she played a big role. She learned how to best treat a patient with minimum resources. It also taught her how to be conservative in patient management and to investigate only when truly necessary.

She also had to do shifts in Tshwane District Hospital Casualties. Being the Senior on call she learned the responsibilities and the importance of team work.

She was on the Quality Assurance Committee Mandisa Shiceka Clinic 2015.

She feels very strongly about education and was the Tshwane Sub District 2 Course Manager for Doctors 2015.

She has further educated herself since graduating in many courses to make sure her standard of care is well above average in the world of Primary Care. Emergency care and Procedures.


She feels very passionate about serving and decided to go back to Public Sector Hospitals, knowing the circumstances was going to be very tough, but knowing the need for doctors in the public sector is big and that one can make a huge difference. She was there 2016 to 2018. She served Tembisa Hospital in the Family Medicine and Surgery Department. She formed part of the Triage Task team, Resuscitation Team and the Frontline Management team.

She has also been working with world class Surgeons in Theatre as their Assistant GP for example Neurosurgeons, Gynaecologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons and General Surgeons since then.

Dr Louise is a phenomenal GP doing acute and chronic Illness consultations and doing in rooms Procedures. She is also doing Home Based and Frail Care and has experience with Dementia patients too.

She has worked in many Private Hospital Casualties in Centurion and Pretoria. She thrives in Emergencies knowing that one is in a position to change and save lives here.

Dr Louise is not just educated in the Medical field but literally also in the field! She is a Qualified Nature Guide Level 2 in the Tshwane Nature Reserves. She also has an Open Water Diving Qualification and loves diving in South Africa and the Red Sea.

Dr Louise’s Professional life interests are clear that she was born to be a General Practitioner. She loves being a Doctor. It makes her happy to work in the Health Science. She can never see herself in a different career.

Her personal life interests take no second place to her dedication to her Career. Dr Louise is wife to Paul, who is a Project Manager in Construction and literally the building blocks with her in her life. They have 3 beautiful kids who one can see they spend time with and understands the importance of family.

She loves Sport as well, especially Gymnastics, Mountain biking and running. She competes in Mountain biking and Running races.

Healthy living habits makes her enjoy life every day personally and in her work.

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"The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease."

—William Osler

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